THINK has developed a powerful network of alliances with a core objective of helping our clients become high-performance businesses while getting the most value out of technology investments. Our alignment with market leaders and emerging players enables us to deliver a more complete solution to our clients.

How Our Network of Alliances Benefit Clients

Our network of alliance relationships strengthens our ability to help clients achieve:
– Sustainable IT cost reduction
– Reduced total cost of ownership
– Reduced delivery risk
– Accelerated vendor identification and evaluation cycle time

The proliferation of products, services and vendors creates a constant challenge for organizations wishing to optimize existing assets and accommodate new technologies. As a result, executives are searching for trusted and objective advisors with the knowledge and experience to help them navigate the sea of available technology.

THINK relies upon our network of alliances to augment our knowledge of the technology providers and products available globally. Our clients benefit from that knowledge, as well as:
– Enhanced vendor relationships with dedicated support resources.
– Privileged access to development software, demonstration hardware, architectural expertise, sizing andconfiguration assistance.
– Expedited vendor escalation processes.

In addition, THINK clients that leverage our network of alliances are able to reduce the risk and costs associated with the technology procurement process as well as the total cost of technology ownership. Through THINK, organizations can streamline and expedite decision making and procurement processes.