Think Technology Group Ltd understands the keen competition in textile and garment industry. Increasing customer demands, reducing ordering lead time, cost control and stricter quality standards both challenge your business to remain competitive. Automation can support integration of company operation, production workflow, inventory management and supplier management in order to provide one-stop solution to facilitate quality control and efficiency achievement.

Key features of ThinkTech garment ERP system:

– Color / Size Dimension – Allow to define color range and size scale for each style
– Critical Path Management – Allow to define & monitor critical stage / task from sample to bulk order to production to shipment
– Outsource Management – Support outsource production and inventory management
– Inspection Management – Alert inspection schedule, record inspection result and provide quality analysis
– Sample Management – Support multiple version of sample. Each version has its own techpak
– Costing Management – Support pre-cost and actual cost with cost variance analysis

Think Technology Group Ltd expertizes in customization of ERP system, we would launch unique enterprise solution according to your requirements of industry.