Trade & logistic


Customers nowadays demand more product choice, higher quality and shorter lead times, aim to maximize the profits of business performance has become much difficult. Think Technology Group ERP solutions for trade and logistics provide you with a full order management, supply chain management, warehouse management, customer relationship management (CRM), financial management, supplier relationship management (SRM), performance management and business process management (BPM), e-commerce and other powerful features.

We meet trade and logistics business needs:
● Multi-Channel Sales Order Management
● Service Process Management
● real-time visibility of all business information
● Easy to do “performance analysis”
● accurate and flexible financial management (multi-company financial consolidation)
● Support multi-company / multi-plant / multi-warehouse
● Support cross-picking days, shipping and delivery
● Inventory and Warehouse Management
● Support Log Control and Serial Number
● optimize procurement processes (automatically generate purchase recommendations)
● Field Service Maintenance Management
● Flexible cycle counting and physical inventory
● Support multiple costing methods, such as FIFO, and batch
● complete supply chain management
● e-Business Integration
● Business Process Management
● support a variety of computing units switch
● 360-degree tracking business data
● full landed cost function and container tracking
● including cooperation with FedExUPS, UPS, DHL, USPS, LTL carriers and other optimized shipping

Global distributors adapt our powerful yet easy to use ERP solutions that can synchronize demand and supply and to achieve unprecedented, industry-leading levels of business performance.