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Infrastructure & Networks

We help our customer to build their infrastructure and network including hardware and software components.

Cabling, VLAN, PoE

We have an experienced technician team in moving IT Systems, network infrastructure, and communication facilities.


Anti-virus & Firewall Protection

We help our customers install anti-virus software and firewall, keeping them away from virus attacks. We choose the best virus protection for our customers to enhance IT system security. 


Wireless / IoT

Our technician team assists to build a Wi-Fi network that suits the way customers need. We help our customer to build a high-capacity and scalable wireless network.



Our technician team provides VPN setup to meet the trend of working style (Work From Home).


Server Virtualization

Virtualization technology can help customers reduce the number of physical servers needed to lower the cost associated with housing and maintaining servers.


Cloud Backup Solution

We provide cloud backup solution to protect customer’s important Files from Accidental miss or Malicious Deletion. Cloud storage is a flexible way to back up customer critical files with limited cost.

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